This cookie kit includes vanilla sugar cookies, royal icing in design colors, tipless icing bags, sprinkles and written step by step instructions to complete the designs. 

***THIS SET HAS EXTRA BONUS COOKIES!*** In addition to the standard 6 or 12 cookie kits, this kit also includes one pumpkin bouquet puzzle cookie.  This cookie is 4 smaller cookies that fit together as one design....super cute!!

**Special Note**A small amount of powdered sugar may need to be added to icings if they become too thin.

"I Love Fall!" DIY Kit


    Kits can be available the following day.  It will be a no-contact pick up so please fill out the date and time that you intend to pick-up.  I will place your order in a cooler that is at my front door shortly before you are due to arrive. Thank you!

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